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Vintage Pink offers a resizing service at a cost price. Our jewellers are extremely skilled at sizing vintage jewellery. 

Add this to the basket at the same time as purchasing a ring if you would like your ring resized. 

Please leave a ‘note’ on your order or email with your requested size and explain whether you would like Option 1 or 2. 

Option 1

Order ‘resizing’ at the same time as ordering your ring. The ring will be resized before being shipped to you. The ring will be non-refundable in this instance. You will only pay for one set of postage costs. 

Option 2

Order your ring and ‘resizing’ separately. Receive your ring first and if it needs resizing then do a separate order for ‘resizing’. The ring will be sent to you first to check that you love it and would like to keep it. You will then send it back to Vintage Pink for resizing. You will pay two sets of postage costs. Please email us to get the return address and include a note with your ring with your name and the size that you would like. 


  • Resizing takes up to 3 weeks. 
  • If it isn’t specified by the customer and an order is made with the resizing option as part of the order and a size requested, Vintage Pink will assume Option 1 and go ahead with resizing to the requested size.
  • If you need to check what size you need then best to go into a local jeweller and ask them to measure your finger. Alternatively there are some ring sizers on Amazon. Check your size when you are warm and cold to make sure that it feels comfortable in both.


    A customer story from


    She’s arrived in Australia! Wow I love her so much. Thank you for sending it with such care, it arrived so quickly and safely. I’m so chuffed to have it now. I really love it and it fits perfectly. Thank you again! 

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    A customer story from


    I went through a breakup during lockdown and I wanted to buy myself a ring to say well done for all of the jobs that I got and also to symbolise the fact that I don’t need a man to get me that ring :-) 

    I got thirty 'Congratulations' messages after posting this photo on Instagram, but my ring doesn't represent a commitment to someone else but is a gift to myself.

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    A customer story from


    My ring is honestly so perfect. My boyfriend proposed with a place-holder ring and I knew exactly what I wanted for my engagement ring. I had had my eye on your heart-shaped Diamond ring for ages and it was still available. Meant to be!

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