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Insurance Valuation Certificate


Add this to the basket at the same time as purchasing a ring if you would like a valuation of your ring from an independent company to provide to your insurance company. If you’ve already received your ring and didn’t order the valuation, please email us and we might be able to arrange one for you. We might need the ring sent back to us for this. 

This can be provided to your insurance company to insure your ring. We strongly recommend that you do this. If the ring was to get knocked or damaged and a stone get lost, something possible with all rings, whether new or vintage, you will be able to claim to repair and replace your ring.

  • The valuation will arrive separately to the ring.
  • The valuation takes 1 - 3 weeks to arrive.
  • On some occasions it may take up to 2 weeks for the ring to arrive, if ordering a certificate, because the ring will need to be taken in for independent valuation before being posted to the customer. 
  • The valuation is an A4 piece of paper with your name and address printed on it. This will be the name and shopping address of the person who orders the ring. If you’d like an alternative name and address please email us at the time of placing the order. 
  • Because it is personalised, the valuation is non-refundable.
  • The valuation will list the carat of the gold and authenticate the stones (diamond, sapphire etc). It does not detail the clarity, colour or carat weight of the stones. To have these details, you’d need to take your ring to a Diamond Lab.

    A customer story from


    She’s arrived in Australia! Wow I love her so much. Thank you for sending it with such care, it arrived so quickly and safely. I’m so chuffed to have it now. I really love it and it fits perfectly. Thank you again! 

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    A customer story from


    I went through a breakup during lockdown and I wanted to buy myself a ring to say well done for all of the jobs that I got and also to symbolise the fact that I don’t need a man to get me that ring :-) 

    I got thirty 'Congratulations' messages after posting this photo on Instagram, but my ring doesn't represent a commitment to someone else but is a gift to myself.

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    A customer story from


    My ring is honestly so perfect. My boyfriend proposed with a place-holder ring and I knew exactly what I wanted for my engagement ring. I had had my eye on your heart-shaped Diamond ring for ages and it was still available. Meant to be!

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