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Valuation Certificate


Add this to the basket at the same time as purchasing a ring if you would like a valuation of your ring from an independent company.

This can be provided to your insurance company to insure your ring. We strongly recommend that you do this. If the ring was to get knocked or damaged and a stone get lost, something possible with all rings whether new or vintage, you will be able to claim to repair and replace your ring.

This will be an A4 certificate with your name and address printed on it and will arrive separately to the ring. The valuation will list the carat of the gold and authenticate the stones (diamond, sapphire etc). Please note that It does not detail the carat weight of the stones or the cut or clarity because this needs to be done by a lab and in most cases the stones be removed from the ring to be weighed. 

Please note that the certificate must be ordered at the same time as purchasing the ring and because it is personalised, the certificate is non refundable. 

On some occasions it may take up to 2 weeks for the ring to arrive, if ordering a certificate, because the ring will need to be taken in for independent valuation before being posted to the customer. 

Please note that this is individually created with the customers name and address and is therefore non refundable.  

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