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Opals are a beautiful stone with unique colour plays and patterns. 

Throughout history, opals have signified vision, passion and creativity. They are thought to intensify emotion and release inhibitions; encouraging both freedom and independence.


We wanted to bust a few myths about the October birthstone.  


MYTH: Opals are extremely fragile and will break very easily.

FACT: It is true that opals are more fragile than other gemstones, however they aren't as fragile as most people imagine. Opals are the same hardness as glass, so imagine you're wearing a piece of glass and you'll get the idea. 


MYTH: Opals can't get wet.

FACT: It isn't a good idea to soak or submerge your opal rings in water for long periods because they are slightly porous. However, washing your hands with an opal on is fine. 

So yes take extra care but enjoy your beautiful opals! We suggest treating your opal ring like you would a silk dress; it is beautiful but requires a bit more care than cotton. 


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