Ring Care

Taking care of your ring will ensure that it always looks its best.

How to care for gold and precious stones

— Store your ring in a box or pouch in a cool, dry room. Avoid excess condensation as this can damage delicate gemstones and cause precious metals to discolour, tarnish and erode. Each ring should be stored separately to avoid scratching.

— Never spray perfume, hairspray or any other solvent on your rings. To prevent harsh chemicals from damaging your rings, we advise you to apply cosmetic products prior to putting on your rings.

— Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine can damage, discolour or erode precious metals and gemstones, therefore rings should be removed when bathing and swimming.

— If you are purchasing a ring with a stone, please take extra care with the setting. Settings can be damaged by; any applied pressure, hitting a hard surface inadvertently with any force or catching and snagging on knitted clothing.

How to clean

— Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth after each wear to remove any makeup or natural skin oils.

— Do not use abrasive cleaners, fairy liquid on rings or rough paper tissues to clean precious metals as this can scratch the metal.

— Be gentle, jewellery containing gemstones are more fragile, so please take extra care when cleaning.

— If you are unsure about how to clean your ring, please take your ring a local jeweller for professional advice.