Jewellery is often linked to romantic relationships. Rings, in particular, are usually bought as presents and are not something that a woman usually buys for herself. Although Vintage Pink rings can make wonderful engagement rings and gifts for somone else; Ruth hopes that the brand champions the independent woman, buying herself a ring to signify a commitment to herself.


It tells a story

How romantic that your ring already lived a life? It has it's own story and by buying it you are continuing it's legacy and helping it to live on.

It is more sustainable

Pre-loved, vintage rings are the ultimate in sustainable jewellery. 

All gold and precious stones are already circulating and buying second hand, rather than new, benefits our world.

The quality is better

If a piece of vintage jewellery is still going strong and in a good condition then it is likely that it is very well made and with the right care should last you a long time. 

Some of our rings are over 100 years old and should live on for another 100!


Vintage Pink has been overwhelmed with how many women have connected with the concept and treated themselves to a ring. On the Instagram page for the brand Ruth showcases her customers and a range of strong females who inspire her.